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Hot water cylinder replacement in Albany, North Shore

All You Need To Know About Finding An Effective Plumber To Service or Replace Hot Water Cylinders

Maintenance of a residence can be frustrating but it is definitely necessary to continue the effective operation of different aspects of the house. One aspect that needs to be regularly checked is the plumbing system. It is possible to service the cylinders and water pipes independently, but this can be rather costly and difficult. If your water system does present with problems it is always recommended that you use the services of a professional plumber, especially when there are problems with the hot water cylinder. This article will provide information on how to locate an Albany hot water cylinder replacement or service plumber.

What Is A Hot Water Cylinder?

Rheem hot water cylindersA hot water cylinder is also known as a hot water tank or thermal storage unit. Its primary function is to heat water for domestic or commercial properties where people require warm water. It is a heavily insulated unit and can retain heat for prolonged periods of time. Unfortunately, it is not indestructible and will require repairs or replacements of parts to operate effectively.

What Is A Hot Water Cylinder Plumber?

A plumber is an individual or a company, who repairs and services different items in the property’s water system, ranging from water pipes to storage units. This individual will have the expertise and knowledge to service the item and restore its effective functioning.

What Are The Considerations To Make When Hiring An Albany Hot Water Cylinder Replacement Plumber?

1. Reputation

Albany hot water cylinder serviceIt is highly recommended that you review and identify the reputation of any hot water cylinder service provider being hired. While it may be easier to opt for the most popular company or most readily accessible company, this is not always a good idea. To ensure high quality service and customer support, it is advised that you look at reviews by previous customers. Better still look for those that are approved by the manufacturers such as Rheem hot water cylinders. Nowadays many companies will promote their services online and will provide a great amount of information regarding their services on an official website, including testimonials.

2. Cost

One of the first considerations that any person takes when hiring a service is the overall cost. To ensure you are able to afford the service, it is highly recommended that you draft a budget for the project. If you are working on a limited budget, it may be worthwhile to seek out smaller companies that do not charge as much as the larger, more popular options. You should remember that larger companies often provide a higher quality of service when compared to the freelancers or newbies.

Another point to take into account when identifying the overall cost is the type of quote. Most companies will provide a general estimation as a quote for the project; however, this can be misleading and you may end up paying large amounts for additional costs. To avoid this, and be sure of the elements of the service received, it is recommended that you obtain a detailed quote. This quote will clarify exactly what you are paying for and reduces the chance of additional expenses being added later on.

3. Specialisation

Contrary to popular belief, not all plumbers provide an overall service and are not able to take on all projects. In fact some companies that advertise as specialists in hot water cylinder service and repair are only a front and then sub-contract the work to the nearest plumber. It is essential that you do the research and ensure that the Albany hot water cylinder replacement plumber is trained to do the work.

Heron is an approved Rheem service and replacement agent

Auckland jeweller for Engagement Rings

Three Key Tips For Choosing A Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement ring

Diamond engagement ring

There are many tips you are going to have to consider when it comes to getting a diamond engagement ring. Each person will of course have their own needs and wants when it comes to the ring they are looking for. Often they don’t know exactly what they want until they see it. However, there are certain factors that you are going to have to consider in order to ensure you do get the right style and design. Here are three tips that you are going to have to keep in mind at all times during the process if you are looking for an Auckland engagement ring.

Consider Ring Size

The ring size is always going to matter so that it fits your girlfriends’ finger correctly. You can have a ring size altered but it is better if you can find an exact fit to start with.

Consider Geometric Settings

The actual look of the ring is going to matter and that is generally a result of the settings of the ring. In simple terms, the setting is the way on which the stone is held in place. This can be by claws, inset into the ring itself or various other design mechanisms. Styles change over the decades and you partner may want something more vintage looking or she may want a more modern angular look.

This is something you are going to have to consider thoroughly and really take a look at. After all, hopefully you will only be buying one engagement ring so you want to get it right. Be patient and make sure you are focused on the task at hand. If you do this, you are going to see positive results as needed.

Vintage Or Sparkly?

solitaire engagement ringThis is another factor you will need to think about carefully. There are a few options you are going to have in front of you which can be overwhelming. That is why it is essential to think about what you want beforehand. There are vintage looks that are more refined or elegant while there are other more modern options that will provide more sparkle. Make sure you go with the one that is aesthetically appealing to you the most.

These tips are going to make it a lot easier to choose an Auckland engagement ring. You will with any luck have that ring for the rest of your life so take time to seriously consider what you want in terms of style, size and overall appearance in an engagement ring. There are many people who just spend money for the sake of it and that is not a good way of doing things at all. Those who do take this approach are probably not going to like the ring after a while. So with a good deal of thought you can get it right the first time around.

Orsini Fine Jewellery

Commercial Lawyer in Auckland

Commercial Lawyers Can Help In the Starting and Running of a Business

Commercial lawyer in Auckland

Commercial lawyer in Auckland

Setting up a new business can be exciting and challenging, but a less interesting activity for many is an essential part. Your new business venture does need to be set up so that if follows all the rules and regulation in Auckland and NZ laws. To make sure you meet all the current legal requirements, be sure to talk to a commercial lawyer in Auckland who can help in starting your company.

Your business can have investors or partners, or you can be a sole-trader but whichever ownership structure you have, it is necessary that it be set up as an entity that is legal and acceptable to tax authorities. You may also need legal advice to protect yourself such as advice on copyrights or drawing up a strong terms-of-trade agreement to ensure you get paid. Then there is the question of setting up trademarks for your product so that you have legal rights to it, and other people should not be able to advantage. There are also matters of insurance, property leases and ways to protect your personal assets, where the expertise of a can be of great help.

Legal costs of a can be daunting, but any new business must consider it as a requirement for the enterprise. They are simply a cost of doing business and they must be factored in whenever provisions are being made for financing the company.

It is always safer to form limited liability companies as this does not place your personal assets at risk, in the case the business does not succeed as hoped. This company formation requires certain formalities to be followed, and a lawyer will be able to advise you on the need for this, and even assist in doing so. Logos and trademarks need to be registered with the proper authorities so that you have their sole and exclusive use. It allows your brand to be protected from imitators and grants you exclusive marketing rights to the logo and trademark that you have had registered.

Every business will have to make contracts with suppliers, franchisees, and others. That is the time when you need the services of a commercial lawyer to ensure that all these documents are drawn up correctly, protects your interests and is legally enforceable. If you are engaging staff, you will also need to enter into Employment Agreements, which must be drawn up in the proper legal format. In many cases, these agreements need to have clauses that protect your assets, and non-disclosure clauses have to be carefully drawn up. Agreements also have to be even-handed and fair to the employee as well; the employment law in relation to Employment Agreements in New Zealand are clear and strong so be safe and hire a lawyer to help you.

Businesses can always fail, and it makes sense to have proper exit strategies in place, even while you are just setting up the business. It is all the more important when there are partners or other principals, whose departure from the business is always a possibility. If you have investors they will only invest if they know of a clear exit strategy. An exit strategy defines the method of either exiting the business as a whole or how individual directors can sell their shares so that any remaining directors are not disadvantaged by a new owner. The departure of a principal should in no way be allowed to disrupt the business, and carefully worked out schedules for buying back shares or financial inputs, along with methods to determine values, allows for the process to be completed with ease.

A for a business needs to be supportive and one who gives the proper advice, even if it may be difficult at times. The lawyer should have a reasonable and sound business judgment that takes the reality of the market into account rather than the often rose-tinted view of a business owner. The lawyer must be available whenever required, and be able to explain legal needs in simple terms that can be understood.

If you need a commercial lawyer in Auckland a highly reputable law firm is . They have specialist lawyers in all areas of commercial law from employment, contract, property and business structures. You can get more details about them on the website here

Auckland Lawyer for Breach of Contract

Lawyer For Breach Of Contract

Contract dispute lawyer AucklandIf you want to be sure that you are able to help yourself out when you are handling business dealings, a lot of it boils down to having a lawyer who can advise you on different courses of action so that you protect yourself and your business. A lawyer can help you in a great number of situations, including breaches of contract. When you do not have the help of a lawyer by your side, you will, in essence, be navigating the legal system by yourself which will make it difficult to hold the other party accountable. You can give yourself a reasonable chance of success and hopefully an advantage by hiring a breach of contract lawyer to represent you.

If you have never had to hire a lawyer before, you might not know where to turn. This is understandable, but you need to begin looking around for the highest quality lawyer that you can afford. You can start off by looking at other people in your field and asking them for references. People who have had to use an will most likely have testimonials about a particular lawyer or law firm that they hired and got good representation from. This is a good start and will allow you to compile a list of high quality lawyers to consider. After you have a short-list of potential lawyers that you want to contact, you should call and email all of them in order to set up appointments. During these appointments, you should be given a free initial consultation. Any lawyer that does not offer you a free consultation should be discarded from your list since, in essence, they are selling themselves. You need to know what you are buying before you actually engage them. You will be able to discuss all of the points of your situation, in addition to allowing your lawyer to look over the contract to make sure that there was indeed a breach.

To be sure that you are hiring the best lawyer, you should sit down with a few different lawyers to be sure that they understand your circumstances and also that you can get along with them since you will be having some quite lengthy communications with them. They are human and we don’t all get on with the same people so it definitely pays to find a lawyer you like. You also need to look into their rates to make sure that you are able to afford them. While money is not everything, you do not want to do business with a lawyer that charges too much for their services. At that same time, you do not want to skimp on the fee otherwise you may be hiring a less effective lawyer and at the end of the day, you want a positive outcome. Remember, you need to get people who are in breach of contract to make good on their side of the agreement and that they are held accountable for the side of the deal. This is incredibly important and can only be done with a good quality lawyer in place.

When it is all said and done, you need to have faith that your lawyer will either negotiate a settlement that is fair or will be able to go to the next step and appear in court for you. Either way, make sure that you build your case properly so that you have the best opportunity to hold the other party accountable. The last thing you want to do is just allow them to get away with it. Contracts are put in place for a reason, so the legal system is put in place to make sure that everybody involved respects those agreements. It will take some time and effort to win your case, but having a an experienced dispute resolution lawyer with you is half the battle.

Never sell yourself short in this regard by going to court by yourself. Even if the facts are laid out in your favour, you never want to leave that to chance. Instead, pick up the phone and call up breach of contract lawyer will be able to fight for you tooth and nail.

Lawyers on the North Shore

Helpful Tips When Searching For Good Lawyers on the North Shore

North Shore lawyerMost people at some point in their life will need the services of a lawyer. You can never tell when that will be or for what reason, but with so many different things that can happen in life, it is a nice feeling to know that there are good lawyers on the North Shore that will help you.

When you are dealing with the legal system it can get quite confusing for the average person. In fact, there are so many laws on the books that almost everyone including lawyers themselves have to keep studying to uncover ones they have never heard about. That is why you always see them refer back to previous cases where precedent was set.

It is very important that you find a good quality lawyer with integrity and years of knowledge when you are dealing with a case. Since the laws get more complicated, this is why most lawyers tend to specialise in one aspect of law for example, commercial, family or environmental law.

When you are searching for there will be many that come with a stellar reputation. It is important however that you find a lawyer that is a good match for you. There are a lot of good lawyers out there, but you still need to feel confident with the person as you will be spending some time with that person. Usually a good lawyer will make their clients feel welcome, because they fully understand what you are going through. Also, do they clearly explain what is going to happen in terms you understand?

Many times a has to deal with people when they are at a low point in life. You may not want to hear certain things and you may not be in the best of moods. It is a lawyer’s job to explain the facts, let you know if you have a case or if there is a case against you. A lawyer has to be honest, and once you can accept that only then can you confidently move forward.

When you are confident with your lawyer at that point you feel at ease and are more willing to open up. This is especially true in divorce cases where your entire world is turned upside down, and now you have to divulge all of your personal information to a complete stranger. You may be feeling miserable and unhappy, but a good lawyer knows how to calm you down, say the right things and get to the issues at hand.

Good lawyers do not waste time. Although many charge by the hour, they are quick moving and want to get to the bottom of every case. They will not waste your time. If they are charging you by the hour and you feel like nothing is getting accomplished simply go to someone else. This lawyer is not here to help you, only to collect a pay-check.

When you need legal representation from a good lawyer on the North Shore don’t be afraid to look online in order to get information. You may be surprised to find many lawyer websites with great advice written by clients of these lawyers who can tell you exactly what to expect. These days anyone in a profession such as a lawyer or doctor cannot get away with abusing people verbally, wasting people’s time, doing poor work or it will simply wind up on social media.

Customer service is so important in today’s law firms, and most likely you can sense from the moment you walk in that this lawyer is the right one for you.

Silverdale Commercial Lawyer

Commercial Lawyers And Silverdale Business

Silverdale commercial lawyerCommercial law is a significant issue for any business and consequently for many law firms too. Not all lawyers practice this area of law so if you work in the north Auckland area, then be sure to check for a specialist Silverdale commercial lawyer.

There are many different aspects including bills of exchange and international trade but for local businesses in the Silverdale area, the most common activities are terms of trade, contracts, intellectual property, company formation and corporate governance which refers to the obligations of Directors.

is essential for individuals and businesses engaging in every day commercial transactions. The law ensures that all of the applicable laws that govern business transactions are followed, in order to create a fair and just approach for business dealings for everyone.

Commercial law statutes compel business people to adhere to various ethical guidelines in the business world. It is usually considered a branch of civil law, since it emphasis on the control of the civil actions that are conducted by businesses. The ramification of this law may result in both criminal and civil actions being taken against those who go against the law.

Contract law is one of the major areas where you might need the assistance of a . This aims at ensuring all the contractual agreements are equitable, fair, and just for all the involved parties. It also ensures the binding contracts are in line with the prevailing civil law. Commercial also governs consumer goods in that it protects both consumers and producers of goods from any foreseeable threat in the manufacture or consumption of those goods.

Hiring practices are also governed by commercial or more explicitly employment law. Here, it seeks to provide a fair and equitable process of hiring practices by institutions, businesses, or individuals. This ensures that personnel are hired for the jobs they qualify for, their qualifications are true and accurate, to prevent any ethnic, racial, or other discriminatory issues in the hiring process.

Commercial Law Can Help Business In The Following Ways:

1. Compensation Problems

Corporate lawyers essentially settle any issues related to compensation between the employer and the staff. Through commercial law, they see to it that the employer does not, in any way violate the laws governing benefits or compensation for the employees. At the same time, corporate lawyers ensure that the benefits are not abused, since this can be detrimental to the business if not addressed.

2. Formation Of Business

Starting a business requires many legal processes such as leasing and other real estate contracts, company structure documents, Memoranda, establishing a solid company policy, etc. Commercial law helps the business owners to ensure that they are on the right track and are compliant with the current company formation laws.

3. Corporate Financing

This includes the monetary dealings and decisions, as well as analysis of corporate acquisition of a company, which involves raising funds for various purposes. The financial operation of the business is often a complex affair in terms of legalities and finances. Business owners can benefit from commercial law in all legalities involved in all financial transactions of the business.

4. Shareholder Agreements

Another facet of commercial law is Shareholder Agreements. This encompasses various issues regarding finances, ownership, succession planning as well as constitutional documents, arbitration, the ways of removing minority shareholders, etc.

5. Regulatory Compliance

Commercial law ensures that the business fulfils its compliance obligations according to the current rules and regulations stated by the law. This helps the business owner to conduct business without conflicting with the existent policies and laws established by the state, since this could cause some serious trouble in the future.

6. Commercial Litigation

This involves the settling of the various business issues and legal controversies that business people might face. Some of these issues include employment disputes, breaches of contract, business dissolution, debt collection issues, breaches of fiduciary duty, etc.

The commercial legal field has wide-ranging effects for any business in the area. If you need to consult a commercial lawyer supporting Silverdale businesses, try McVeagh Fleming & Co who have a team of experienced commercial lawyers ready to help you out.

Auckland Dispute Lawyer to Help with Faulty Goods

What Are Your Right When A 辽宁快乐12网上投注 Sells You Faulty Goods

Elyse Moore

Elyse Moore

Let the buyer beware is an old saying which for the most part still rings true. Before you buy any product or service you should thoroughly research the product, the supplier and manufacturer to see if it will meet your own personal or business requirements. Yet unfortunately people still buy goods or services which do not perform as they were advertised. The good news is that there are many protections under the law in New Zealand for when a consumer is sold a product or service.

While a company may have its own guarantee, warranty, and return policy they are still required to provide a retail service or merchantable goods in accordance with the Consumer Guarantees Act. In short, a supplier has to comply with the law despite what their own guarantee might say.

Before making a purchase it is incumbent on the consumer to read the agreement prior to making a purchase especially if you are taking out a finance agreement. You do have certain rights under the – and companies should make good on their promises.

If you have bought faulty goods that are not fit for purpose, then the first step is to take it back to the retailer and ask for a refund. You need to be able to show that he product is faulty and not been damaged by you. Most retailers will be happy to make a refund or exchange the item for another one. Some may offer a credit note which you can use against a purchase of some other products from them.

The choice of action is dependent upon the extent of the problem. If it is a minor fault, then the retailer can decide upon the remedy. This can be summed up as the 3 Rs – repairing the fault, replacing the item or giving a refund.

If the fault is more serious then the consumer can decide on the solution, again summed up by 3Rs but different Rs. They can reject the goods which is in effect returning them and getting the money back, replace them with a similar product or reduce the price to reflect the damage.

These rights are clear but from time to time, a retailer will try to argue against hem or force a consumer into an alternative course of action. In this case you can talk to the Citizens Advice Bureau who will verify your rights but ultimately you might need to take some legal action.

For this you need to meet a in the area of consumer rights. Often these legal professionals will be labelled as , there are numerous law firms who provide this legal advice but one you can try is .

If you have been sold faulty goods in most cases a business will try to make good on your claim, but sometimes there are companies who try to cheat their customers. You have rights so contact a lawyer who will be able to help.

An agent to sell your real estate in Ellerslie

Tips For Picking The Best Ellerslie Real Estate Agent

Many people have never bought or sold a house before. It is tempting to think that it is a relatively easy thing to do. However, this is not the case. Some people try to sell a property on their own with one of the various FSBO marketing kits but for most people this is not a good route. By far the better option is to hire the best real estate agent you can. The following article is designed to help you with that process.

The first things is to not rush and sign up with the first real estate agent you meet. Each brand and each agent is different so you need to do some digging around before you commit to one agency.

The first option is to go to one of the local real estate agents and talk to the people there. Each different franchise brand has their own strengths and weaknesses. Ask the principal of the branch to talk to you about why they are better than their competitors. This will be illuminati9ng as they might denigrate their competitors. If they do this, you should be wary. The correct approach is to acknowledge the strengths and abilities of the other real estate agents but then explain why they are able to do a better job or to get a higher price or quicker sale. If a real estate agent does this then they should stay on the short-list.

Another option is to drive around your neighbourhood and look at the for sale signs. If there is one agent who you see a number of times, that is a good sign that other people have recommended that agent. So take a note of their phone number and give them a call.

You can also ask friends or colleagues if they can recommend a real estate agent in the Ellerslie area.

If the individual agent works for one of the agencies you have put on your short-list, then you are getting close. You have an ethic you like and an agent who clearly knows your area well and is trusted by other people selling house in your suburb. So now you can call in that individual real estate agent to interview them.

Remember that they want your business as they will get a hefty commission from the sale of your property. So do not be soft with them. Ask them searching questions about how they would market your property? What advertising would they recommend. What type of sales such tender or auction? Do they have a list of potential buyers they can contact rather than waiting until the house is on the market? These are all pertinent questions to ask them

Finally ask them for references from satisfied sellers they have acted for. A good agent will have them available at the interview and will be able to show you them straight away. The best real estate agents will have their own website like Mark Tung. You can see his testimonials in full public view here

So to make selling our home a lot easier and hopefully more profitable, be sure to contact the best real estate agent in your area.

Auckland lawyer for guarantee problems

What To Do If A Customer Challenges Your Guarantee On Products

When you created your product, you had great confidence in its ability to improve people’s lives and change the world. In fact, you were so confident that you added in a warranty. Such a guarantee about your product is a sign of your confidence in it.

It also makes good business sense to have a guarantee on your products. You see it all the time. Watch a television commercial or check out an Internet offer and there is invariably a money-back guarantee. If the product does not work, your company refunds the customer’s money.

If you have paying customers who buy a physical item, such as electronic widget phones, when something invariably goes wrong, you have built in recourse. They win either way. The guarantee is partially one sales method too.

Here’s how. Let’s say you want to try out a product, but it is a little steep at $200 a-pop. The moves you as a customer through your resistance. It removes the all or nothing element from the transaction.

It saves you from the fear of the unknown. Did you know that the fear of unknown is so great that even abused women will continue returning to an abusive relationship because they fear the unknown more than the known actions of their abuser? Same goes for every human. Everyone fears what they do not know. It is human nature.

Now, what to do if a customer challenges your guarantee. That is the big question. Well, refund the customer their money, regardless of whether the customer is lying, telling the truth, or just trying to get something for nothing, in your opinion.

It is an old retail trick. Basically, it has been proven time and again that retail stores that refund customers’ money end up making more money in the long run. The reason is that the customer relationship is left intact.

Then, the customer is likely to spend the money you just refunded them plus more money. That means if you refund their $200, they will turn around and spend it plus additional money on the spot. Bring them back into the store and they will continue to spend money because they regard their experience as a positive one.

Now, the hardest part is when you have a product that is more of a service offering. Or, if it is a technology product that stores information, then a product problem is bad for business. That may lead a customer to challenge the quality or workmanship of your product.

Then you may be sued for causing further harm to the customer. For instance, if you make backup hard drives and a failure of your drive erases the customer’s priceless secret product formula, you are in deep trouble.

However, the way around this is to have an attorney write up a contract that gets inserted in with every product. Limit the liability. In addition, make sure you buy plenty of insurance to pay out on major product malfunctions. Beyond that, make sure that your product genuinely works as stated.

Guarantee dispute lawyer in Auckland

Guarantee dispute lawyer in Auckland

Make no false or egregious claims when you are selling your products. Be truthful and speak to any limits that may exist. Customers are happiest when they are aware of both what your product can do and cannot do for them.

There is no harm in having a product guarantee for customers. It demonstrates your company has integrity and confidence in your products. Make sure that you anticipate customer reactions, such as their challenges to your product guarantees by having insurance in place. However do hire a before you commit your business to a guarantee. They will be able to word your offer so that you are protected as well as your customers.

If you do not consult a lawyer first it is all too easy to get caught up in an expensive legal battle with a disgruntled consumer. So to avoid the need to hire any to fix the problem, talk to before you offer any guarantees.

Law Firm in Orewa

Guide To Choosing A Good Law Firm in Orewa

Professionally trained lawyers are the people to call when faced with potential legal actions. The law recognizes their capacity to speak on your behalf since they have a better understanding of the legal implications you face. You have better chances of winning a case if you have a good lawyer handling your case. However, finding the best lawyer or law firm for Orewa is not that simple.

You might think that all you need is to pick up the phonebook and find many options, but finding the best legal representation demands a little more effort than that. You need to understand what to look for, what to say, and the kind of questions you should ask to help you narrow down your options. Here are a few tips to help your know how to find a good law firm.

Search and Ask Around About Orewa Law Firms

We all know that we need to search for things that we have no concrete clue of where to find them. Conversely, we need to do this with a bit of insight on where to start. Finding legal representation will need you to know the nature of the charges you face for you to know which type of lawyer you need. You can go online or use the phonebook to get several options. However, the best approach would be to ask around and get a recommendation from close family and friends. Nevertheless, you need to know why that specific law firm in Orewa has been recommended to you; meaning you will find out what the firm did for the person and what makes them a better choice for your cases.

Have a Meeting with the Lawyer

Orewa law firmMost lawyers work under law firms so if you do have a sitting with one, you can get to know where the firm stands in regards to handling cases of a nature such as yours. You should go to the meeting fully prepared with copies or all necessary documents that will work for your case. Be prepared to answer many questions and do not think the lawyer is against you when asking such questions. In fact, if those hard questions do not come then you should rethink hiring the services of such a law firm.

Answer and Ask Questions

While the lawyer will ask you questions that the prosecutor might ask you, you also need to arm yourself with some question for the lawyer. Some of the most important questions to ask are how long the firm has been in practise, which type of law they handle, the level of experience in the lawyer assigned to represent you, their records of winning cases, and the fee and payment arrangements. You might also want to find out what your kind of participation the firm need for you for the case.

Do an Evaluation Before Making a Decision

The next step is to evaluate all you have learned after the meeting, which will require you to ask yourself some questions. First, ask yourself if you are comfortable with hiring a firm with such a level of experience. Other issues to consider include whether you feel the lawyer understood the nature of your case and if he or the firm has enough time to examine the documents you provided before the case starts in court.

Though it may take more than one meeting with several , the above tips will come in handy to help you right a concrete decision about which firm will provide the best legal representation.